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The Hamlet Project

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In development 

Sinéad showcased this project as Who's There? at Wyatt Theatre, Davis, USA:16-25 May 2024, as Granada Artist in Residence. Read a recent interview with Sinéad about Hamlet.


August 2024 sees us in development on a new take of Shakespeare’s most famous play, where Hamlet is played by three actors. This polyphonic take on the play is a companion piece to our Othello (2023), where Iago is portrayed by an ensemble of three performers. We are presenting 2 sharings of work in progress to an invited audience on Thursday 22 August and Friday 23 August 2024 at RADA Studios, Chenies Street, central London.


We're exploring how a person’s psychology is made up of different parts or roles, in almost the theatrical sense of the term. The parts jostle, argue and occasionally concur with each other. People have public and private ‘selves’ or voices.


Our vision is to present both Hamlet and Othello in repertory. With the same cast of three playing Iago and Hamlet, we’re exploring what two apparently very different roles might have in common: Iago the villain and Hamlet the hero. What light can we shine on these roles when we Hamletize Iago, and Iago-ize Hamlet?


A Sinéad Rushe Project in collaboration with Trish Wadley Productions.

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