Claire Piela, The List

What are you afraid of? Be it spiders or loss of loved ones, the things we fear the most cling to the subconscious and are stirred in our dreams where we explore our deepest anxieties. Delving into the imagination of two children, out of Inc’s piece is about fear born out of the threat of external forces, such as the nurse with a needle, as well as the fear of loneliness, illness and death which haunts us all.

Devised by Sinéad Rushe and Camille Litalien, the performance combines fragments of dance with poetic storytelling and unwinds to the exhilarating musical contrasts of Chopin and Massive Attack. The performers use dance, mime and physical theatre, contorting their bodies to convey their childhood imagery and stepping out of role to confront the audience with own personal reflections on what frightens them. Best at its most strange, with moments of sleepy darkness so innovatively framed, this show will quietly charm you.

15-18 August 2005, Issue 259