A new play for one actor and an aerialist about fear and paranoia

Written by Stephen Sharkey and Sinéad Rushe.
Premiered at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2005.

Meticulously crafted… an impressive theatrical package.

Sue Wilson, Metro - Read full review →

So innovatively framed, this show will quietly charm you.

Claire Piela, The List - Read full review →

Carefully choreographed and intensely physical performance.

Nina Power, Author of One Dimensional Woman - Read full review →

A funny, surreal and disquieting piece of physical theatre.

Reading Chronicle - Read full review →

When we’re tired, we go to sleep. What could be more natural? Tucked in, curled up, snug as a bug in a rug. We can’t last long without our nightly fix of oblivion. But few boundaires are more fragile than the one that separates forgetful sleep and wary vigil. Sleep isn’t just rest and relaxation. It’s also a risk, a literal leap in the dark, a letting go. Defences down. Out of time, out of mind, out if it: between sleep and wakefulness we wander the byways, the backstreets of memory, reliving the things that made us who we are. We face, distorted, the fears we never left behind. It’s no surprise that our dreams, when they come, are seldom sweet.

Past touring

Oval House Theatre, London, three week run.
Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal, Bath.
South Street, Reading.
Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast.
MAC, Birmingham.

Cast and creative team

Conception and direction: Sinéad Rushe
Performance: Sinéad Rushe and Camille Litalien
Text: Stephen Sharkey and Sinéad Rushe
Lighting design: Andrew Taylor
Design: Henrijs Preiss and Andrew Grant
Costumes: Marie Blunck-Ward
Aerial direction and consultancy: Catrin Osborn and Sophie Richards
Sound preproduction: Malcolm Bruce
Programme and flyer design: Dermot Rushe
Production: Kate Houlden
Press: Sue Lancashire

Funded in development, production and touring by Arts Council England.