Night Just Before the Forests Macau

By Bernard-Marie Koltès

A collaboration with
Dirks Theatre Association, Macau, China

Commissioned by Macau Arts Festival 2018

Translation into English
Sinéad Rushe

Translation into Cantonese
ip mandy, Ip Ka Man, Wu May Bo

Performed 18-20 May 2018
The Old Court Theatre, Macau

'A Play for our Time'

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'An Immigrant's Cry for Help'

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An isolated young immigrant in a hostile city – a misfit and delinquent who is probably on the run – stops a stranger in the rain on the corner of the street. Wrestling with a world demarcated by violence, prostitution, poverty, and sexual vulnerability, he is looking for a room for the night, or even just a part of the night.

Bernard-Marie Koltès (1948-1989) was the greatest French playwright of his generation, and Night Just Before the Forests is one of his most captivating and unsettling texts. Koltès said he wrote it like a musical composition, whose motifs and variations evoke a profound sense of restless yearning and disorientation.

Following the success of Cloning Ecstasy, Protean Cities and The Nether, Dirks Theatre Arts Association were commissioned to bring a new work to the Macau Arts Festival for the fourth time. This project was an opportunity to build on their collaboration with Sinéad who has spent the last three years travelling to Macau to offer training and artistic development to Dirks Theatre.

This pioneering new production re-imagines the monologue as a polyphonic work for five performers of different nationalities and genders. The cast hailed from Macau, Hong Kong and South Korea. Through sound technology, ensemble voicing and sonic manipulation, the character’s plight is conjured across a chorus of fragmented parts that jostle with each other in a mixture of harmony and discordance. The voice that emerges could belong to almost anyone, a universal protest, a cry for help.


Wu May Bo
Ip Ka Man
Koh Wan Ching
Kim Shin Rock
Chan Tai Yin

creative team

Direction: Sinéad Rushe
Sound Design: Niels Lanz
Associate Sound Design: Brian Chan
Set and Costume Design: Lam Ka Pik
Lighting Design: Tou Kuok Hong
Makeup Design: Wan Nip Hong
Rehearsal Documentation and Film: Alena Shen
Producer and Production Management: Nicholas Tang
Stage Manager: Bonita Ho
Deputy Stage Manager: Lao Chi Wai, MIIS Production
Assistant Stage Manager: Yeung Kin Ning