An Evening with Sinéad Rushe

An original devised show by Sinéad Rushe

Premiered at BAC, London, in June 2003. Two week run.
Short-listed for BAC/Your Imagination This Way Up tour.

‘Sinéad Rushe is infectiously watchable. She catches you off-guard, shifting dramatic gear with the ease of a bird changing direction mid-flight.’ Time Out

An intimate exploration of character, artifice and sincerity, involving self-surveillance, webcams, and the playful manipulation of autobiographical conventions in theatre.

Our time makes a spectacle of intimacy. We put the intimate on show. In a world that feeds on reality television and public-private confessionals, everyone agrees that in order to see the intimate it is enough just to glance at it. It hides just behind the door. What could be simpler? You have only to open the door and take a look.

Theatre, champion of artifice, master of illusion and lies of all kinds, tolerates no naivety on this score. Obstinately resisting the fantasy of transparency it repositions the intimate in the one place where it can live out its fragile life, in the three-way relationship between actor, character and spectator, trying to unmask the contradictory face of an intangible and unplaceable intimacy.

Cast and creative team

Text and performance: Sinéad Rushe
Direction: Sarah Hirschmuller
Lighting design: Andrew Taylor
Sound preproduction: Peter Rose
Sound and lighting: Rebecca Maltby
Programme and flyer design: Dermot Rushe

Funded by Arts Council England.