A radical new performance film of Sophocles’ Antigone
rehearsed online, made online, performed online.

From the translation of Sophocles’ play by Seamus Heaney.

Sinéad was invited as the Granada Spring Artist-in-Residence at UC Davis California to direct a production of Sophocles’ Antigone at the Wyatt Pavilion Theatre. When it was clear how huge the impact of COVID 19 would be she, along with her collaborator and co-director Margaret Laurena Kemp, was moved to consider how the show could still go on. How to follow through on  collaboration, creativity and community engagement in this unprecedented moment in history? How to create a piece that would speak to this crisis?

The reimagined production of AntigoneNOW answers the call. Read more here.

about AntigoneNOW

A dead body in quarantine, unburied and left to rot. A world in strife, a nation in fear, a woman bereft: Antigone is forbidden to touch and lay to rest the body of her deceased brother.

Award-winning Irish director and University of California Davis, Granada Artist in Residence Sinéad Rushe, will co-direct with UC Davis, Associate Professor Margaret Laurena Kemp, a ground-breaking contemporary response to the classical play, Antigone. Made collectively between the USA and the UK using mobile phones, Ipads and video, this all-female cast and creative team will create a stunning new film that confronts the isolation of our moment. A culturally diverse ensemble of female identifying actors – each in seclusion – will evoke the breadth of Antigone’s defiance against devastating loss.

This production is part of Kemp and Rushe’s ongoing creative exploration of character through polyphonic vocalisation and collective composition. They posit that character, like a place or a country or a nation state, is not a point of departure but a construct or result, the assumption of an ever-contested role.